Silver Diamond Gold Plate Trinity Cross | Irish Jewelry by Shanore

Silver Diamond Gold Plate Trinity Cross



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2.9 grams


35 mm


19 mm

Diamond Carat


Celtic crosses like this silver diamond gold plated cross have inspired many to the ambition of art faith and love. This gorgeous award winning cross focused its center on the historically famous trinity knot. Four perfectly shimmering diamonds set themselves on the end of each sterling silver edge of the cross decoration.

Religious Wear

The trinity knot has been used historically throughout the ages to represent the perfection and unique balance of the Christian God. The unity of the father son and holy ghost has been the featured symbol of Celtic jewelry for centuries. Wearing the Christian cross reminds us all of the enduring love provided by God despite our failings. It also recalls to mind what is most important in life and makes us more loving beings ourselves.

Reaching Perfection in Quality

While none can hope to equal the perfection of God Shanore strives to create the highest possible quality in each jewelry piece they create. Each and every curve angle and diamond in this silver diamond gold plated cross was imagined by an artist and produced by their careful and attentive hands. The quality of Shanores handmade jewelry is simply unmatched.

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