Silver Elegant Necklace Pendant Embellished With White Crystal

Silver Elegant Necklace Pendant Embellished With White Crystal



A beautiful double chain necklace features elegant white crystals. Featured on the longest chain is an architecturally appealing v-shaped bar-pendant encrusted with a plethora of additional white crystals. Dangling from the center of the shortest chain rests a large solitary crystal set in sterling silver.

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All In The Details

It’s all in the details with this stunning design. The double chain allows for graceful and delicate movement while the blend of hard and soft details create a stunning contrast that is perfect day to night and for all occasions. The white crystals set along both chain lengths appear to be floating. This elegant appearance suggests stars in the sky the solitary dangling white crystal being the shining central point of light. The strong and bold sterling silver V at the center of the longest chain stylishly frames the beam of light above it while also suggesting the earth below the sky. This meaningful and significant design is a result of the both thoughtful and elegant details Shanore Ireland’s Signature925 Collection so beautifully captures.

A Set

Architectural details and soft rounded frames of sterling silver combine for an artful and unique look. This elegant necklace is sure to turn heads and inspire positive energies in the wearer and all who behold its charm. The striking necklace may be worn alone or matched as a set with a solitary white crystal earrings set from the collection or the white crystals encrusted bar pendant earrings also from Shanore Ireland’s Signature 925 Collection.

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