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Silver Enamel Shamrock Cat Bead

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This adorable Silver Enamel Shamrock Cat Bead has just the right amount of color to bring this feline to life with the hints of pink and the brightly colored shamrock that hangs from the cats collar.

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2.4 grams

Celtic Cats

Ancient Celts much like the Egyptians and the Romans considered cats to be the guardians of the underworld and liaisons to the eternal spirits. Cats were thought to be serious and secretive protectors. In addition to their protective detail cats are considered extremely clever animals and possess a certain craftiness in accomplishing their goals. Often times people who prefer cats over other animals are great at personal reflection and observation and are able to use their knowledge and wits to make goals a reality.

Sweet Addition

A charm bracelet is by design a reflection of the interests and characteristics of the person who has cultivated it. By adding this sweet Silver Enamel Shamrock Cat Bead to an existing bracelet it will spark conversation with fellow cat and animal lovers alike. It also makes a great gift for someone just starting to build their charm collection.

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