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Silver Hand Bag Charm



This sterling silver charm features an emerald-like stone and fanciful shamrock accents giving splashes of Irish color to a pleasantly simple design. Dangling from one of ShanOre’s Tara’s Diary bracelets in silver or leather this piece will chime with laughter as it bumps up against its neighboring charms.

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The Shamrock’s Story

From the beginnings of Ireland’s history the country’s citizens have viewed the number “three” as sacred. Not only do good things happen in threes but the triad of leaves on the shamrock possesses magical powers. Long ago the Celts would burn these clovers and spread the ashes over their farmland in hopes that their crops would grow. They would also rely on the healing properties of the plant to cure stings from poisonous animals. Legend claims that St. Patrick used the shamrock to teach pagans about the Holy Trinity when he traveled through Ireland in the fifth century. And at one point the Irish used the shamrock as a sign of rebellion against English rule. Those who wear this symbol today in the form of body art clothing and jewelry are showcasing their Irish pride.

Charming and Carefree

This charm lends insight into the owner’s passion for shopping accessorizing or all things feminine and amusing as well as her unbridled willingness to admit to it The tiny shamrocks clinging to the handles of the purse wink fondly at her love for everything Ireland and the firmly embedded green stone might suggest her wish to be identified ethnically and personally as Irish above all else. These ornaments of spring-like hue could also signal a May birthdate and a hopeful gaze toward new beginnings. Whatever the reason for this addition to a woman’s bracelet this piece is sure to generate an enthusiastic reaction.

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