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Silver Heart Pendant Encrusted With Crystal



This sterling silver heart pendant from Shanore Ireland’s Signature 925 Collection features dazzling embellishments of white crystals along the upper and lower curves of the figure. Shining brilliantly at the center of the piece rests a solitary white gemstone set in a sterling silver frame.

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Matters of the Heart

Curved delicate lines in the sterling silver pendant paired with dazzling white crystals capture the elegant complexity of matters of the heart. At the center of the keepsake design is set a most stunning large white crystal. The center embellishment rests slightly off-center in the heart figure bearing both an artful and thoughtful placement. The solitary setting may evoke significance to a special individual for the wearerthe one that shines the brightest in their heart. The beholder may also choose to let the solitary white crystal represent all of those they hold dear.The sparkling embellishments along the frame and at the center of the design imply purity clarity and positivity.

Day to Night

Significant in its design and meaning the white crystal heart pendant is a most special keepsake piece. The delicate details make it easy to wear daily while the elegant adornments in the sterling silver make it a perfect addition to evening wear.

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