Silver Mermaid Pearl Pendant Embellished With Aquamarine Crystals

Silver Mermaid Pearl Pendant Embellished With Aquamarine Crystals



A sterling silver mermaid figure crafted with significant detail and encrusted with brilliant aquamarine colored crystals protects a solitary created pearl housed in a sterling silver cage.

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This mythical mermaid figure of thoughtful and intricate details features a tail of sparkling blue colored crystals that invoke the spirit of the ocean.

Mermaid Blue Pearl

The brilliant blue hues in this keepsake piece from The Ocean Collection by Shanore Ireland with crystals are reminiscent of the vast and mysterious salt waters. The Mermaid figure who guards the sterling silver cage is crafted with intricate detailing in her tail hair and body. This careful attention to detail illuminates the positive energies the mythical sea resident harnesses. Housed within the cage is a solitary milky white iridescent bead. This bead a natural gift from the ocean promotes unique beauty wisdom and purity. Together these elements and details evoke the mysterious properties of the mystical ocean waters.

Guidance and Elegance

The wearer of this special keepsake piece may take special appreciation in the guidance and positive energies that the blue crystal mermaid pearl pendant inspires. Sparkling crystals intricate touches and brilliant color make this easily adaptable from day to night.

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