Silver Mermaid Pearl Pendant Embellished With White Crystals

Silver Mermaid Pearl Pendant Embellished With White Crystals



The mysteries of the ocean are captured with brilliance in this sterling silver mermaid pendant featuring sparkling white crystals and a solitary created pearl.

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A mermaid figure crafted with thoughtful and intricate detail embedded with dazzling crystals rests atop a sterling silver cage protecting a single milky white iridescent pearl.

Mermaid and Pearl

Mermaids are mythical and mysterious sea residents whose uncompromising beauty is both inspirational and captivating. Their presence is magical and a true symbol of the allure of the vast ocean waters. In this incredible keepsake piece from The Ocean Collection by Shanore Ireland the mermaid takes a rest atop a sterling silver cage frame. In this frame sits a beautiful single pearl. Pearls are a natural and most fascinating gift from the sea. These beautiful beads are symbolic of purity beauty and wisdom.

Protection and Rare Beauty

Let the mermaid protect and guide you as she guards the most precious pearl. This intricate and unique keepsake piece will both impress with its rare beauty and inspire with its mystical energies. Bearing this pendant necklace is sure to bring the wearer the strength while harnessing inspiration from the ocean’s mysteries.</p

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