Silver Pearl Dolphin Pendant Adorned With White Crystal

Silver Pearl Dolphin Pendant Adorned With White Crystal



Sparkling white crystals adorn a sterling silver dolphin treasure chest with locket closure.

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Housed within the intricately detailed keepsake piece is a solitary created pearl.

Pearl and Dolphin

The dolphin is a sea creature known for its personable nature protective attitude and adaptability. These traits are captured in their sterling silver depiction guarding the meaningful and beautiful pearl. The pearl a gift naturally created by the mysterious salt waters inspires wisdom rare beauty and purity. These properties are mirrored in the brilliant white crystals. The white crystals evoke purity and clarity supporting the guiding mission of the playful intelligent dolphins. This incredibly unique piece which showcases the beauty and inspirational nature of one of the ocean’s most admirable residents and the brilliance of the pearl features a clasp opening to reveal this treasure to the wearer.


The beholder of this special item may take appreciation in the thoughtful craftsmanship and intricate design. Find your way protect your wisdom and guard your treasure with the sterling silver dolphin treasure locket necklace.

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