Silver Pearl Dolphin Pendant Emellished With Crystal

Silver Pearl Dolphin Pendant Emellished With Crystal



The Ocean Collection by Shanore Ireland presents this stunning teardrop dolphin pendant encrusted with brilliant white crystals and featuring a solitary created pearl.

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Beautiful attention to detail and thoughtful design in construction are evident in the dangling pearl from the center of the sterling silver dolphin frame the curved lines of the figure and in the single colored crystal in the eye for added charm and personality.

Dolphin and Pearl

The dolphin a most intelligent and graceful sea creature is captured in elegance brilliance and playfulness. This fascinating sea resident is known also to symbolize protection strength and adaptability. The personable nature of the dolphin is evident in the thoughtful design. Sparkling white crystals and teardrop imagery evoke feelings of shining ocean crests and fluid water movement. Supporting these impressive crystals in this keepsake piece is the pearl. Dangling from the center of the pendant it shines as a symbol of wisdom purity and rare beauty.

Guidance and Beauty

Let this dazzling token of protection and guidance lead the wearer on a positive safe journey. The beholder of this incredible piece may also take great pride in knowing that the construction of the teardrop dolphin pendant is both powerfully meaningful while also exhibiting show-stopping beauty.

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