Silver Pearl Sea Shell Pendant Embellished With White Swarovski Crystal



A sterling silver clamshell pendant is elevated in symbol and style embellished with Swarovski crystals and a beaming solitary Swarovski created pearl.

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The varying sizes of the brilliant white crystals create an illusion of depth and add a breathtaking effect of beauty and elegance. At the center of this stunning keepsake piece rests a beautiful pearl whose iridescence reflects in the clean bright sterling silver setting.

Shell Pearl and Crystals

The clamshell inspires balance positive energy and calming and peaceful properties while evoking feelings of strength and protection. The fascinating clam that produces the ocean’s most beautiful bead the pearl is housed in the alluring shaped shell. The white crystals that emblazon the figure are symbolic of purity and clarity. As they frame the incredible bead they highlight the rare and unique beauty that define the pearl.

Stunning Elegance

The artistic design and shape of the Swarovski crystals encrusted sterling silver clam shell with a solitary pearl is a most elegant piece of The Ocean Collection by Shanore Ireland. The wearer of this special showpiece keepsake will surely appreciate the careful attention to detail and the alluring sophistication.