Silver Shamrock Climber Earrings Encrusted With Swarovski Crystal



Swarovski Crystal encrusted Sterling silver climber earrings are made special with a charming gold plated Shamrock feature. These earrings are an elegant and sophisticated design crafted with a nod to Celtic tradition.

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Elegant Climber Earrings

These Sterling Silver climber earrings are adorned with dazzling Swarovski crystals that elevate an already expensive looking arrangement. The smooth line of the earring follows the natural curve of the ear which makes for more versatile wear while still maintaining an exceptionally sophisticated appearance. The stand out of these special earrings are the details. Brilliant Swarovski crystals and a gold plated Shamrock are true knockout elements. The Shamrock is a popular Celtic motif that is commonly associated with Ireland and its rich history. One interpretation of the Shamrock which truly mirrors this design is from the plant itself as a whole it can signify prosperity and peacefulness.

Elevate Your Look

Gold plating and dazzling brilliance the beauty in these earrings is all in the careful details. Ease and prosperity are sure to come to those who wear this elevated design.