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Silver Spiral April Birthstone Bead


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A notable member of the Tara’s Diary collection this bead heralds the April birthday with its clear diamond-like gem framed in sterling silver. Decorative coils engraved in the sides of the charm resemble Celtic spirals. Any Tara’s Diary bracelet offered by ShanOre would accommodate this lovely statement of identity.

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The Meaning of the Spiral

For the ancient Celts a population that lived in Western Europe between 500 BC and 400 AD spirals provided an entire language by which to interpret and engage in the world. The influence of this shape continues today not just in Ireland. Though many versions of the spiral exist they all speak to the constantly moving quality of the universe and all of its components be they human animal spiritual or natural. The single spiral suggests that energy initiates from a central core and revolves outward. It also symbolizes the process of growth and evolution.

Telling It Straight

Mars the planet of war rules the zodiac sign of Aries furnishing people born in April under that sign with leadership instincts. These individuals have adventurous and courageous personas and do not hesitate to make decisions. Their approach to handling challenges is as direct and transparent as the birthday gem itself embedded firmly in this bead crafted by ShanOre. However those with April birthdays are caring and loving as well. A woman who adds this bead to her bracelet takes pride in her generosity and values the memories with family and friends that she carries in her heart.

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