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Silver Spiral December Birthstone Bead



The violet blue of this gem resembles the hue of tanzanite the birthstone of December. Celtic spirals embossed into the sterling silver swirl around the bead. This piece slides onto whichever sterling silver or leather bracelet from the Tara’s Diary collection suits the wearer best.

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2.9 grams

The Story of the Celtic Spiral

In Celtic tradition spirals of all kinds signify the never ending nature of corporeal and spiritual life the dimensions of energy in the universe and the balance of elements such as earth fire water and air. The single spiral as engraved into this bead conjures the sensation of energy spinning outward from a central origin. It also insinuates a growth a development of new understanding. Because the tanzanite stone carries implications of regeneration and strengthening it is a fitting companion to the spiral.

Deep Blue Dimensions

The woman born in December is known for her ethical practices her generosity and her compassion. She tends to view opportunities and conundrums with optimism and seeks adventure as she enjoys taking risks. The mystifying blue dimensions of the gem in this bead seem to imitate the variety and scope of her philosophical musings. Nestled among other beads from Tara’s Diary this charm states its presence strongly. It suggests the owner’s independence and her tendency to think about matters with great intensity.

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