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Silver Spiral February Birthstone Bead



Tara’s Diary offers a lovely collection of birthstone beads for its charm bracelets. The stone in this bead gleams with the rich purple of February and is surrounded by the eddies of Celtic spirals. The dark and deep hues both in the gem and the rivets among the spirals make the sterling silver even more compelling.

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Notes on the Celtic Spiral

The single spiral in Celtic lore can take on any meaning out of a multitude of possibilities depending on an individual’s instinct. Many believe that the shape imitates the radiation of a person’s energy outward toward the cosmos and therefore his or her ability to be enlightened by the larger world. Others like to view the movement of the spirals as reflective of their progress from an external material consciousness to self-knowledge and self-love. Either way the twirls of the spiral create a feeling of infinite motion similar to the revolution of the earth and the constant activity of the universe.

Peace in Motion

The official birthstone of February was once believed to bring the wearer to a place of tranquility and contentment as the well-known poem about the amethyst claims The February born shall find Sincerity and peace of mind Freedom from passion and from care If they the amethyst will wear. The countries of Brazil Uruguay and Zambia produce the amethyst. The woman who adds this bead to her charm bracelet loves its exotic allure its ability to take her to imagined faraway lands but also its homage to her own inner strength emotional balance and genuineness. The spirals of the bead continually turn as all of the charms on her bracelet do moving along with her natural day-to-day ventures.

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