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Silver Spiral January Birthstone Bead


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This Tara’s Diary sterling silver bead celebrates the January birthday with its glinting garnet-colored stone. Celtic spirals add a mystical intrigue an opportunity for the wearer to attribute her own meaning to the design. The charm slides easily onto any of the collection’s sterling silver or leather bracelets.

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Spiraling Back in Time

Some Irish symbols date as far back as 3000 BC including the spiral which can be found on landmarks such as the stone that graces the entrance of Newgrange in Ireland. The original purpose of the Newgrange monument is unknown as is any specific meaning to the decorative spiral shape. Many like to regard the spiral as suggestive of the human’s increasing understanding of how his or her inner life radiates outward and connects with the larger spiritual world. The movement of the spiral also implies intellectual and emotional growth.

The Heart of Winter

Those born in January and represented by the garnet stone are known for their sensuality truthfulness and faithfulness. In the Victorian age this red gem was popular as it exuded messages of power and nobillity. The woman who wears this charm as an element of her personal story feels proud of her fiery persona but also her deep commitment to being real. She also believes in the healing properties of the garnet. Even on the most frigid of winter days in her birth month she knows that her love for the special people in her life keeps her heart warm and that her enthusiasm circulates through her body giving her the vital energy and passion to confront her goals.

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