Silver Starfish Pearl Pendant Adorned With White Swarovski Crystal



A gorgeous Swarovski crystals encrusted sterling silver Starfish pendant rests playfully alongside a solitary Pearl from Swarvoski.

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Smooth lines rounded edges and brilliant detail are present in this sparkling duo fresh from The Ocean Collection by Shanore Ireland.

Starfish and Pearl

The starfish is a remarkable figure of sea life that exhibits both incredible beauty and significant strength. Using its five arms for protection and survival its star like appearance makes it a breathtaking sight to experience. The magnificence of this notable sea resident is captured with exquisite and thoughtful design. The Pearl is a bead gifted naturally from the ocean with milky white color and iridescent shine. The pearl is known to symbolize purity rare beauty and emits a romantic sense of elegance. Together the Pearl and the Starfish create a perfect pair.

Strength and Beauty

This incredible double pendant necklace featuring the significant symbols of starfish and pearl captures the magic and mystery of the ocean while showcasing its natural aesthetic triumphs. Elegant simplicity makes a perfect transition from day to night for all-day inspirational wear.