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Silver Stone Set Shamrock Earrings

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No other earrings could make a more feminine and subtle tribute to a pair of Irish icons the shamrock and the color green. These delicately crafted sterling silver clovers hold tiny treasures inside the leavestwinkling emerald-like stones. Their classic lines lend them a retro feel.

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2.1 grams

Main Stone

Main Stone Dimensions

2mm x 2mm

Main Stone Shape



18 mm


16 mm

Celebration of the Shamrock

In the fifth century St. Patrick instantly saw the value in the three leaves in the shamrock he could use them to teach pagans the concept of the Christian Holy Trinity. He took these little plants from the hillsides of Ireland and brought them with him as he traveled across Europe. Today in countries all over the world people recognize the shamrock as representative of rebellious Irish spirit and cultural pride. However a person can attribute his or her own personalized meaning to the triplet leaves.

Graceful Honesty

A fan of fun lore strong believer in religious faith or matriarch of an Irish brood would sport these earrings with pride. They might suit someone with understated tastes who chooses her accessories carefully and wears them sparingly. The lightweight simplicity of the sterling silver mimics the owners preference for directness the green of the small gems reflects the intuitive properties of the emerald and therefore her own tendency to listen to her instincts. She is someone who grows impatient with those who complicate the easy things in lifelove family friendships. Many might say that she moves with grace and acts with charity.

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