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Silver Stone Set Snow Flake

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With the intricacy of nature’s most delicate snowflakes this Silver Stone Set Snow Flake bead is beautifully designed and expertly crafted to bring the wonderment of winter to your charm bracelet. This stylish oval bead features gorgeous snowflakes surrounded by sparkling stones set within the sterling silver design.

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2.5 grams

Individual in Design

Snowflakes have enchanted people for centuries with their fascinating designs and patterns. It is said that no two snowflakes are ever exactly the same and therefore they represent the best of each individual and celebrates what makes people unique. As a form of water snowflakes are also said to be a symbol of knowledge and the path they take from the sky to the ground represents knowledge being based down from higher powers to people on earth.

Uniquely You

Just as no two snowflakes are ever identical charm bracelets are unique representations of the person who wears them. With Tara’s Diary collection it is easy to tell the story of what makes you special as an individual. With this Snow Flake bead as the centerpiece your bracelet will serve as a testament to what makes you unique.

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