Silver Trinity Angel Bead Encrusted With White Swarovski Crystals

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Sterling silver Tara’s Diary bead with delicate Angel detailing encrusted with sparkling white Swarovski crystals. Finished with beautifully crafted Trinity Knots fashioned in sterling silver.

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1.5 grams

Trinity Knot Angels

Trinity Knot insignia is a staple in Celtic imagery. In this beautiful bead these meaningful three-pointed figures are paired with stunningly detailed angels adorned with brilliant white Swarovski crystals. The two images of Trinity Knot and Angel combined pull together a meaningful charm representing purity innocence and protection on one’s personal journey.

The Trinity Knot made from an unbroken singular line represents a journey. As the style in which the knots are fashioned creates three interconnecting points they can also represent three ideals in the spiritual world the earthly world and the metaphysical world. Whether to be The Holy Trinity the Father the Son and The Holy Spirit sky the earth and the sea or the past present and the future. The angel crafted in the bead represents a spiritual messenger a guide or a token of peace.

Add this beautiful bead to your Tara’s Diary collection as a reminder of clear-minded guidance on your personal journey. Find peace and spiritual guidance through the inspiration of this beautiful charm bead.