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Sterling Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Bead

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The bead you see here is of the most brilliant sterling silver displaying also pops of gold black and red colors. The gold plating of the classical trinity knot symbol shines three different times hugging the curves of the spherical shape. A special message of love has also been expertly inscribed into the side of the bead alongside the name of the maker our well-known Taras Diary Collection.

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1.7 grams

Irish Roots

The Emerald Isle has a long standing history of religion and faith. Through this commitment a number of widely popular symbols arose. Perhaps none are so recognizable today than the trinity knot. The three curves dive into and out of one another in an endless design. The number three is significant here representing the three heads of the christian God the father son and holy ghost. The endless creation is meant to show Gods unconditional love.

Artisan Creations

Each and every one of the beads produced by Taras Diary Collection are made with intense attention and care. The design of the piece from the celtic knot to the shape of the bead were all made by experienced craftsman. A unique bead this piece can also be matched up with any of Taras Diary beads as well. Wear with jeans and be casual or pair with a silky black dress for the perfect accent of jewelry.

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