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Sterling Silver Claddagh Bead

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Ask anyone in Ireland and they will be able to explain the Claddagh symbol and probably have a story to share about it too. It is a classical symbol in Celtic history and culture whose meaning is known to almost all who have seen in. The delicate hands hold within them a solid heart adorned with a shimmering crown. The three-part symbol is placed upon gorgeous sterling silver alongside the word ‘loyalty’.

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Reining Above All

The Claddagh has triple meaning in Celtic history. The hands represent friendship while the heart shows love and closely watching over each is the crown of loyalty. The makers at Shanore chose to showcase the word ‘loyalty’ as it is perhaps the most important of the three. Because without loyalty one cannot truly achieve friendship or love. It is one of life’s most high virtues and through this jewelry piece you can show those you love it is also one of yours. The addition of the color green that makes up the word also ignites the lovely nationalist Irish feeling within us all.

Careful Creations

The jewelers at Tara’s Diary Collection put extreme attention and consideration into the making of each and every single bead. The curves edges and writing you see here were all designed and produced by skilled artists. Wear the bead alone as a shining individual or pair with any of the numerous beads by Tara’s Diary to make a truly unique collection. All three pieces of the Claddagh have been separated into individual bead so you might rejoin them in a new and creative way.

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