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Sterling Silver Fisherman’s Knot Earrings

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Sale Price Only While Stocks Last LimitedAvailability.Be swept away in a true lovers tale with a pair of gorgeous Sterling Silver Fisherman’s Knot Earrings. Expertly crafted the design features an intricate rope pattern in the shape of a Fisherman’s Knot which is traditionally made of two ropes tied through overhand knots.

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Love at Sea

Sailors and fishermen are experts at fashioning beautiful and useful knots while at sea and as the story goes the Fisherman’s Knot was created with love in mind rather than maritime use. A Sailor would fashion the knot but would leave it loose and send it home to his beloved. Upon receiving it she would tighten the knot showing her faithful commitment to him while at sea. This type of knot is considered one of the easiest knots to tie however once tied it is one of the strongest knots that exist.

Your Love Story

The Sterling Silver Fisherman’s Knot Earrings are the ideal present for celebrating your love story and reaffirming the strength of your commitment. The classic sterling silver pairs well with any type of attire for all occasions.

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