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Sterling Silver Green Stone Set Shamrock Bead

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The Emerald Isle is aptly named for its shimmering green landscapes. At Shanore we love to capture that love of green and the inspiration it produces. The shamrock historically is an Irish symbol used throughout the ages by Christian leaders and their faithful followers. Of its many meanings Shanore has chosen to showcase hope as seen in the inscription of black letters on the sterling silver background.

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St. Patricks Choice

It is said that St. Patrick was the first to use the shamrock in his sermons. He connected the three leaves of the plant to the three persons of the holy Christian trinity God the father God the son and God the holy ghost. The iconically green color also represents Ireland and its constant effort to connect its nature to lifes deeper philosophical meanings. Of the many interpretations of the shamrock one stands out to the jewelers at our Taras Diary Collection hope.

Pairing Mixing Matching

Taras Diary Collection produces what seems an endless amount of beads ranging from serious faith-oriented pieces to fun and flirty Irish pictures. Mix and match this shamrock bead with other iconically Irish beads or add it to a unique collection of beads with ranging meanings and interpretations. The possibilities are truly endless. And with the knowledge of Shanores unmatched artisan quality you can be sure your design will last.

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