Sterling Silver Pearl Turtle Pendant Adorned With White Swarovski Crystal



Swarovski crystals are encrusted mosaic-style in this awe-inspiring turtle shell pendant with hammer textured sterling silver extensions.

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The legs arms head and tail of the turtle figure feature incredible attention to detail. The eyes are set with two brilliant white Swarovski crystals while from the center of the pendant frame dangles a solitary Swarovski created pearl.

The Pearl and The Turtle

The pearl is a magnificent bead that comes as a gift from the mystical ocean waters. This natural iridescent milky white treasure is a symbol of purity wisdom and rare beauty. Set in the heart of the turtle pendant it truly inspires. Turtles are incredibly fascinating sea creatures that represent calming healing properties and also strength and protection. Lore has it that the turtle used its incredibly hard and strong shell to lift the weight of the ocean floor above the water’s crest to provide land to the rest of the beings. This selfless act projects its positive energy in this brilliant interpretation of the graceful sea resident.

Treasure of the Ocean

Sparkling white crystals of clarity and purity sterling silver turtle of strength and a pearl of wisdom this Swarovski encrusted Turtle pendant from The Ocean Collection by Shanore Ireland is a true ocean treasure. The wearer may take special pride and honor in wearing such a meaningful homage to the mystical ocean waters.