Sterling Silver Trinity Bracelets Adorned With White Swarovski Crystal



Less is more with this simply gorgeous sterling silver Trinity Knot bracelet. Sleek silver beads accentuate the beautiful display of a charming Swarovski crystals embellished Trinity Knot.

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7.5" Inches


4.7 grams

Main Stone

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Main Stone Shape


Trinity Knot

The trinity knot is a traditional Celtic symbol featuring three points created with one continuous unbroken line. In this bracelet we see the trinity knot symbol embellished beautifully with white Swarovski crystals. The simplicity in the design of the silver beaded bracelet helps to showcase the beauty in the trinity knot charm. The Trinity Knot traditionally represents three interconnected but separate ideas. These could be past present and future two become one land sea and sky or of course The Holy Trinity in Christian tradition. However you decide to wear the Trinity Knot bracelet with dazzling embellishment its beauty and charm are too darling to miss

Wear this bracelet alone for a chic addition to your outfit or create a fuller more modern stacked look by matching it with your other favorite sterling silver bracelets adorned with Swarovski crystals encrusted charms.