Tree Of Life Shamrock Bracelet



Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet featuring a crystal encrusted tree of life pendant with exceptionally pretty gold plated shamrock detail.

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7.75 Inches


8 grams

Tree of Life and Luck

The Shamrock is a symbol of luck wealth and prosperity. The Tree of Life is said to bring balance harmony and strength. It inspires the beholder of the insignia to seek fulfillment. The symbol comes alive with stunning crystal details on the tips of the branches. A gold plating on the shamrock adds an element of chic contrast as well as a rich stylish appearance. The beauty of gold is the aura of richness it offers.

How perfect for a shamrock to be plated in gold The two images combined make for a meaningful and truly fashionable showcase item. The Tree of Life Shamrock bracelet is such a beautiful addition to your personal jewelry collection as it not only holds significant meaning but is a fashionable piece to take you day to night. Wear this on your wrist as a daily reminder to keep balanced and stay rooted and good things will come your way