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The Shamrock might just be Ireland's most widely recognized and loved symbol. Since the day St. Patrick used this plant to explain how the three aspects of the Holy Trinity are one, it has been embraced by the Irish and brought around the world by emigrants. From those roots in Ireland's earliest days of Christianity symbolizing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Shamrock has grown to be the international sign of St. Patrick's Day and a celebration of all things Irish. When you want to proclaim your joy and pride in your Irish roots, a Shamrock pendant is the perfect accessory.

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Silver Shamrock Jewelry

Nothing says Irish quite as universally as shamrocks, the symbol of our patron Saint Patrick. You can add a touch of Irish to any outfit with a pair of simple shamrock earrings or a dazzling bejewelled shamrock pendant. You can even find shamrock beads to make your own unique Irish jewelry. Go for a retro look or make it modern. A sweet silver shamrock is the perfect touch when you are Irish 365 days a year. Shamrock isn’t just for March! Those three heart-shaped leaves proclaim your love of things Irish all year.

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Gold Shamrock Jewelry

Looking for a classic piece of Irish jewelry you can wear anywhere? This green leaf looks gorgeous in gold. A gold shamrock pendant or shamrock earrings will make a stylish statement about your heritage. Rich, elegant gold is perfect for every occasion, and the shamrock is the most recognized Irish symbol. St. Patrick used it to explain the Holy Trinity when he brought Christianity to Ireland, and it has come to represent Irish culture and identity. This timeless, cheerful icon will be a classic addition to your jewelry box, whether you opt for dazzling or simply elegant.

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