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With roots spreading through the earth and branches swooping from the tree’s crown down to the ground, the Celtic tree of life illustrates the connection between all living things. It symbolizes the relationship of heaven to earth. Our ancestors believed that trees had spiritual qualities. The Celtic tree of life is not only beautiful, it has deep roots. It symbolizes our ancestors' beliefs as well as the connection we have with those ancestors. It represents our ever-deepening understanding of the ancient Celts. Jewelry featuring the Celtic tree of life is a perfect symbol of how deep your roots go.

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Every tree in the forest is different, and Shanore’s collection of Celtic tree of life necklaces features many different styles. From the casual to the dazzling, we have a pendant with this enduring symbol to suit every style and every occasion. Whether you want to embrace the earthy side of your Celtic roots or add a nod to your heritage to a formal dress, Shanore has the right Celtic tree of life necklace for you.

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