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Irish Silver Music Bead



As a tribute to the music devotee this Tara’s Diary bead boasts the shapely designs of a harp and a violin with its bow. These instruments fashioned in relief alternate on four sides of a sterling silver cube. Any of the bracelets in the Tara’s Diary collection would accommodate this bead beautifully.

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2.5 grams

The Silver of Ireland

As early as the 17th century consumers in Ireland were discovering that certain merchants were trying to sell products of poor quality. King Charles I initiated the requirement to hallmark all silver manufactured and sold in the country in order to guarantee the silver’s purity. Hallmarks are stamps that indicate the maker of the silver item as well as the year and city of its branding. Interestingly the identifiable hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office is a harp with a crown and this bead seems to declare its authenticity with its own version of the harp.

Musical Meanderings

In wearing this bead the owner can virtually hear the breezy flutters of the violin and the sonorous swells of the harp rising all around her wherever she goes. She may be someone who has played one of these instruments since she was young or she may indulge in the soothing therapy of classical music to soften her troubles. Either way she breathes and moves and thinks to the lilts of notes in her soul.

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