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How To Say “Cheers” in Irish + Pronunciation

Say Cheers to the New Year in the Irish way!

Irish, also known as Gaelic or Irish Gaelic, is the first language of Ireland. The Irish language has a rich cultural history and is a significant part of Irish identity.

Today, English is the primary spoken language in the country, but if you’re planning a trip to Ireland or want to learn some Irish phrases, one of the most fun things to know is how to say “cheers” in Irish.

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How To Say “Cheers” in Irish

Depending on the context, there are different ways to say cheers in Irish. Here are some options:

1 – “Sláinte” (pronounced “slawn-che”): This is the most common and widely used way to say “cheers” in Irish. It translates to “health”, and we use it as a toast to someone’s good health. We also use it to mean “good health” in general.

2 -“Sláinte mhaith” (pronounced “slawn-che wah”): This is a more formal and slightly longer version of “sláinte,” the literal translation is “good health.” We often use it in more formal or traditional settings, such as in an Irish pub.

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3 -“Om shioh ah reesh” (pronounced “um hee oh ah reesh”): This is a traditional Gaelic phrase that means “to your health.” We use it as a toast, and you can often hear it in Irish pubs.

4 – “Err on om shioh” (pronounced “air on um hee oh”): This is another traditional Gaelic phrase that means “to your health.” It is similar to “om shioh ah reesh”, and we also use it as a toast.

Cheers in Irish

5 – “Mbeire muid mbeo ar” (pronounced “vwir mwid mbwo ar”): This phrase translates to “may we be alive on this day (next year).” We also often use it as a toast during the holidays, such as Christmas, to wish someone a happy new year, health, and prolonged life.

6 – “Sláinte chugat” (pronounced “slawn-che khug-it”): This phrase means “health to you” and is also used as a toast.

7 – “Séo arís” (pronounced “shay oh ar-ish”): This phrase translates to “again” and is often used as a toast when raising a glass for a second round of drinks.

8 – “Merr ih meedh mee” (pronounces “mir ee meh mee”): This phrase translates to “here’s to me” and is used as a humorous or lighthearted toast.

9 – “Ar an am seo” (pronounced “ar on um shuh”): This phrase translates to “on this occasion,” and we often use it as a toast to mark a special occasion or event.

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To sum it up!

It’s worth noting that Irish Gaelic is a Celtic language and is closely related to Scottish Gaelic. Most phrases used to say “cheers” in Irish originate from the Old Irish language and are similar to those used in Scottish Gaelic. For example, “sláinte” is also used as a toast in Scottish Gaelic, although it is pronounced slightly differently (as “slan-ge”).

Next time you want to impress someone and wish them health and wealth in Irish, use the options above. You don’t have to credit us!

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